CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. See our full Risk Disclosure and Terms of Business for further details.

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Meet our MetaTrader Booster Pack! Boost your platform with nine add-ons specifically designed to enhance your trading experience!

The kit offers new charts, indicators, and UI options to improve your performance while trading.


The package is available for all clients who deposit at least €1,000.

You can download and install the add-ons to your platform easily via MyFairMarkets area.


MT Alarm Manager alerts you of activities and can automatically open or close trades for you.

Key Features

  • Simple fields for setting S/L, T/P in pips
  • Pop-up calculators
  • Pop-up dealing form for pending and market orders


An alternate view of MT window with advanced features. Offers easier access to several positions for quick and precise execution. Quicker modification of S/L, T/P and Trailing Stops

Key Features

  • Quicker opening of market, pending and OCO orders
  • One-click trading manager
  • Trade & Risk calculators
  • Create templates for complex order preferences


Analyzes the correlation among the instruments. Add or remove to the matrix table for comparison. Set time periods for different ranges and sizing options.

Key Features

  • Compare products from Forex, Commodities and Indices markets
  • Select correlation time periods from 1 hour to 1 week
  • Different display, range and sizing options


Need a more focused view? Get a quick view of correlation scores and compare market charts easily. This display lets you manage your positions and compare figures such as net profits for each product.

Key Features

  • Open and close orders
  • Place S/L and T/P directly from the charts
  • Select specific time scales for chosen markets
  • Compare figures for each instrument


Can market sentiment be measured? Sentiment Trader tool is designed exactly for this purpose! See the overall market mood and directions of all your instruments, including sentiment history.

Key Features

  • Customizable displays of market and historic sentiment
  • Open and close orders directly within chart
  • View current sentiment and sentiment history


Take full control of symbol watchlists and account activity in one window. Select symbols, view price activity, and manage orders. Group and stack your trade with a minimal & functional UI.

Key Features

  • Name and save preferred symbols in convenient groups
  • Run trading activities directly from the manager
  • View graphic overviews for each symbol


Global market overview with time zones. See upcoming events and read market movements with color-coded markers.

Key Features

  • Displays major markets with a timeline, also with local time
  • Price movement information for each market session
  • Account information including floating P/L and margin usage
  • Color-coded markers for calendar events


Real-time account, ticket, and price data are shown in your Excel file. No macros, no programming needed. You can even send basic commands straight from an Excel file!

Key Features

  • No macros, no programming, no XLL add-in
  • Send trade orders from VBA code in Excel
  • Put real-time account and price data into Excel


A simpler trade terminal… Focus on a specific market and control your trades directly from a small pop-up window. Set T/P, S/L, and trailing stops in pips and get live price updates.

Key Features

  • Simple fields for setting S/L, T/P in pips
  • Pop-up calculators
  • Pop-up dealing form for pending and market orders


Clients with a minimum of €1,000 deposit can get the booster pack for free! Download the add-ons from MyFairMarkets and integrate them into your trading platform on your PC.

  • 1Log in to your secure client area
  • 2Click Tools, then go to MT Booster.
  • 3Follow the installation steps and integrate it to your platform
  • 4Restart MetaTrader platform