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Introduction to Metal Trading


Before getting into trading metal, it is important to categorise the metals in order to distinguish their roles in trade. Major categories for metals are: precious metals (gold,silver, platinum and palladium), ferrous metals (iron and iron-including metal alloys), base metals (zinc, copper, aluminum etc.), scrap (recycled) metals. Although the usage, rarity and accessibility of each metal group varies, it is important to note that all metals are subjects of both domestic and international metal trading.  However, if metal trading is used in the sense of an investment method, it refers to precious metal trading. 


Precious Metal Trading

Precious metal trading historically holds a special importance. Since the very beginning of the civilisation of mankind, trade has been an important activity between both individuals and communities. Not only has precious metals trading been an important trade branch, but also it had a significant role in deciding the value of currencies. These feats of precious metals continue to exist today. Investors, traders and even households engaging in metal trading generally take part in precious metal trading. We, as FairMarkets family, provide the opportunity to safely invest in gold and silver markets via various methods and support of a highly experienced professional team of money managers. 


Why Precious Metal Trading?

Historically, owning gold and/or silver has been an indicator of wealth over centuries. Currencies were regulated according to gold standards a couple of decades ago. In today’s world, these precious metals ceased to affect the values of currencies directly. Yet their role as dependable commodities remains unchanged. Precious metal trading has been seen as an impactful hedge against inflation and/or volatility. Despite the fact that having the highest trade volume in precious metal trading, the laws of supply and demand do not effectively influence gold’s position in the market. The volume of gold trade and vast amounts of existing gold prevent any dire price changes. Therefore, gold has been seen as a safe haven of international metal trading.  As a result of higher industrial usage by its nature, silver is more prone to trend changes and business conditions. Therefore, price fluctuations in the silver markets are more volatile and impactful. Nevertheless, high industrial and investment demands make silver a valuable trading metal. Consequently, on FairMarkets, our precious metal trading portfolio consists of gold and silver. Even though platinum and palladium are also precious metals with adequate marketability, their high-volume industrial usage, and limited production sites result in high volatility potential. Therefore; FairMarkets, most of the other online metal trading platforms and top metal trading companies do not yet extend to these metals. 


How To Trade Precious Metals?

On FairMarkets, we, as one of the most in-demand metal trading platforms, offer a variety of methods for precious metal trading. You can log onto your account to view, take, or change your positions individually on 7/24 on our platform. In addition, FairMarkets also offers investors the opportunity to sign up with an expert money manager.



This method offers the ability to actually own the precious metal without physically owning or requiring transportation. The paper allows investors to engage in any sort of precious metal trading without the hassle of physically owning the metals. Although many other online metal trading platforms and metal trading companies provide certificate methods as an option to investors; on FairMarkets, we provide exclusive materials on how to increase the security and sustainability of your investment. 


Futures Metal Trading

This is a legally binding document that requires the dispatch of precious metals at a predetermined price in the future. These contracts standardize the quality, quantity, and time while price variates. Future contracts have high financial leverage, which means they are high-risk high-reward investment instruments. The futures markets offer high flexibility in precious metals trading. On FairMarkets, several investors benefit from the chance to personally manage their accounts, whereas many others sign up with professional multi-account managers. 


Commodity Exchange Traded Funds (EFT)

An EFT is basically a fund invested in certain commodities such as agricultural goods, precious metals, natural resources, etc. Similar to futures, EFT metal trading does not require nor grants access to actual commodities. Instead, investors own contracts that guarantee these commodities. EFTs are profitable short-term investment instruments, which require extra attention and market awareness. FairMarkets supplies various guidelines, market trends, and news, as well as the most updated data. Also, we offer one of the lowest metal trading commissions compared to the top metal trading companies and platforms.


Spread Metal Trading  

Investors benefit from the difference between buying and selling prices in this method. If the price movement of the precious metal accelerates at a pace large enough to create revenue, the traders’ profit. This particular method requires a strong understanding of stock market movements, being updated about political and economic situations, following the latest developments in the trading trends, and high-risk management skills. On the other hand, precious metal spread trading provides high leverage with lower risks compared to the other precious metal trading methods. 


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Can I claim my investment in physical equal dance with every trading method later?
Futures, EFT, and spread trading methods do not grant the possibility to receive or claim any physical material. In those methods, investors do not buy/sell actual metals. Instead, they position themselves against foreseen future changes in the market prices of the materials.